About Us

Usha Imports Pty Ltd, South Australia is a proprietary limited company which began its operations in August 2005 based out of Adelaide city. The company is in business of distribution and import of Indian and South east Asian frozen foods and grocery items. Usha Imports is a sole distributor of well established Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian brands in both frozen foods and dry groceries category including its own in-house brands as well in these categories.

South Australia is a famous tourist destination well known all over the world for its scenic beauty, food and wine. It is attracting more and more Asian migrants every year due to low living costs and newer job opportunities in this region from both overseas as well as from interstate. As a result there is a sudden upsurge in demand of Indian and Asian food staples and groceries in this region. Indian and Asian cuisine also enjoys huge popularity with the local population here.

But the local South Australia market could never see consistent supply of these items before. The primary reason of this being that local storekeepers were facing a lot of difficulties with storage facilities, financial constraint and transportation costs involved in procuring products from either Melbourne or Sydney.

This striking thought with wide market research followed in the local market threw some revealing findings .Thus Usha Imports was born with this budding idea and the company first decided to venture into mainstream frozen food category with sole distributorship of well known Indian Frozen food giant for South Australia region.

This step became a huge success story in the local market and looking towards the need and support of local shopkeepers, the company then set its foot into dry groceries along with frozen food towards June 2006. Also, by mid 2008, the company entered into the nascent markets of Western Australia and Northern territory which are also ever growing markets for ethnic product lines.

Usha Usha

Future outlook

Studies show that South and Western Australia are an ever-growing young market for Indian food staples and groceries with its burgeoning demand in existing Indian ethnic market as well as emergence of new market segments amongst the local population here. Usha Imports has the first mover advantage as a consistent supplier of these food items in this region. With its growing product portfolio, especially due to sole distributorships for brands for its territories itself, along with intensive distribution system in place at the local level, this can take the company to next level in terms of being the market leader in for Indian frozen foods and dry groceries in both existing and newer customer segments.