The name synonym with Great Indian Heritage

Haldiram Haldiram’s began as a tiny shop in Bikaner in India in 1937, the land as famed for its savouries as for its fierce warriors. By 1982, Haldiram’s had set up shop in Delhi and the capital had begun to stop by and take note of the savouries and sweets. It was word of mouth that grew the business manifold over the next decade till Haldiram’s came to stand for a food company that was synonymous with taste, hygiene and innovation. What began as a small – town enterprise in India is today a global phenomenon. Haldiram’s is a way of life for Indians no matter which country they live in. And the countries they live in, the locals are also fast developing a penchant for our products.
Today, Haldiram’s is a 4 million dollar brand that is a familiar sight on shelves across the USA,UK,Australia and the Middle East. On Resident Indians carry back packets of Haldiram’s along with the farewells and nostalgia. We even occupy considerable shelf space at prominent supermarkets the world over: Tesco, Sommerfield, Sipneys and Carrefore. From traditional Indian sweets and savouries to the more international Ready to eat minute khana, and the recent launch last year of our Frozen Fresh range ,our products are fast capturing the imagination of people world over.

Haldiram Namkeens/Savouries

The word “namkeen” translates into ‘with salt’. But there is plenty that is lost in this translation. Only when the spices, salt and the entire gamut of ingredients come together to create a taste that can never be substituted, that a namkeen is created.
We, at Haldiram’s Delhi, were the first to pack namkeens the international way. Today we have perfected and packed over more than 30 varieties, in retail packs of 200 gms, 400 gms and 1 kg which are immensely popular with Indians living world over and the list is growing with newer introductions like Gupshup Peanuts, Chilli Pataka and more.

Haldiram Mithais/Sweets

India, the land of milk, honey, spices and a multi flavored history has a range of sweets .Each sweet that finds a place on a confectioner’s shelf has its own fan following. At Haldiram’s we use international quality packaging to carry forward the tradition of the great sweet makers be it our world famous Soan Papdi, traditional Gulabjamuns, Rasgulas and newer variants like White Rasbhari, Rasmalai and many more.

Haldiram Haldiram Minute Khana/Ready To Eat Curries

As a food company with a chain of eateries in India and now in UK as well, we know what it pleases the Indian palate. And that is what makes our ready to eats so popular.
All one has to do is heat a pack of Haldiram’s Minute Khana meals and you can have a complete Indian meal that lacks neither in taste nor in nutrition, available in delectable and authentic tastes of Dilli style Dal Makhani, Punjabi Sarson ka Saag to Hyderabadi Biryani and many more.

Haldiram Haldiram Frozen Foods

As the most savoured Indian brand across the world, the taste of Haldiram’s is as fabled and eternal as the revered symbols of great Indian appetite. Rich with this authentic culinary heritage, Haldiram’s is proud to present its delicious new range of minute khana Frozen Fresh Indian delicacies. Enriched with authentic and fresh ingredients, it rightly stands fir India’s passion for great taste, packed just right.
Choose from an exquisite range of Indian Curries, Indian Breads, Indian Sweets and Indian Snacks, and get ready to treat yourself with the most relished and authentic Indian tastes.