Khaas XL India Khaas XL Basmati

Superior form of Basmati Rice with exceptional grain length, which elongates to more than double its size upon cooking and has an aroma that is sweet and appetizing.
Fertilized by clean, snow fed water from the Himalaya and processed extremely hygienically, it is one of the most refined Basmati you will ever get and definitely the best that money can buy for this quality !!
Quality : 1121 Basmati Rice
Avg. Grain Length : 8.30 MM
Elongation Ratio :Upto 2.5 %

Khaas Premium India Khaas Premium Basmati

Khaas Premium Basmati Rice is a delight for everyone. Loved by all , it's slender 'n' slim appearance is pleasing to the eyes. Every grain fluffs up and transforms the simplest dish into an exotic one. Khaas was launched for the common man keeping in mind the price sensitivity of the people. No wonder Khaas adorns most dinner tables with such value for money and its rich taste is preferred by rice lovers everywhere !!
Quality :Pusa Basmati Rice.
Avg. Grain Length : 7.40 MM (min)
Elongation Ratio : Upto 2.5 %