Vadilal Today, the name Vadilal is synonym of Ice-cream in India. It is the largest ice cream company in India and has one of India’s largest cold chain networks. It has, however, been a long journey for the group, which traces its origins way back to 1907, when its founder modestly started with a soda fountain and an ice cream shop in Gujarat in India. The Vadilal Group today has a diverse portfolio of business ranging from ice cream manufacturing to real estate, chemicals, forex and processed food.

India is the world's largest producer of milk, the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, a major producer of spices, tea and coffee and has a large livestock population and vast marine wealth. In fact, India, one can say, is almost sitting on a goldmine of processed food. There is not only a potential for vast domestic market but also huge overseas market. Vadilal Vadilal thus decided to be the major player of International processed food business from India. The company entered the Horticulture Processing Industry in May 1991. Keeping pace with the changing times, the company’s operations were expanded, supported by in-depth knowledge of export market and its dynamics. It did not take them long to add Processed Foods to the existing domain of Ice-cream. The company capitalized its expertise to handle low temperature products in frozen products business and effectively leveraged its infrastructure ability to achieve high efficiency in processed food. No wonder, the efforts resulted into their recognition as one of the pioneers in exports of Indian Frozen Food Products.

In order to preserve freshness and enhance shelf life, the frozen foods at Vadilal are processed using “Individually Quick Frozen”(IQF) technique. The best way to ensure total quality is to exercise total control right at the stage of procuring the raw material, and that is what the company practices. Vadilal Selected fruits and vegetables are grown under the company’s guidance in South Gujarat - the important ”Fruit Bowl” of India. The company’s endeavors to provide quality products are endorsed by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 (HACCP) certifications.

Today, Vadilal exports around 175 products, which include Canned and Frozen Vegetables such as Pigeon Peas, Lima Beans, French Beans, SuratiPapdiLilva, Okra, Bitter Gourd, Yam, Chilies etc., Condiments (Coriander/Chilli/Ginger/Garlic Cubes), Curried Vegetables like Undhiu, Patra,etc , Ready-to-cook (frozen) Snacks like AlooBonda, Vegetable Cutlets, LilvaKachori to name a few , authentic Indian Naan Breads/Kulchas& varied range of Samosas along with Mango and other tropical fruit pulps, Slices & Dices, just to name a few. Vadilal These products are being distributed under ‘Vadilal Quick Treat’ brand in nearly 45 countries, which speaks loud enough about its popularity and global acceptance.

The original Ice-cream Company in India ,Vadilal, is soon to launch their much relished and loved ice-cream products back home in India for you now in Australia beginning with the range of lick-lock ice-lollies called Juicees in authentic flavours of Kachi Keri(Unripe Mango), Orange and Mango.