Wagh Bakri


Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri is one such iconic international brand that has carved a niche for itself in the global tea industry and earned an enriching place in the heart and mind of customers and one of the largest privately held packaged tea groups from India. And we are on verge to recreate the same history of success in South Australian market with our ever growing loyal consumers. Wagh Bakri tea group is a premium tea house established in 1892 with an impressive annual sales turnover excess to US$ 125 Millions.


Wagh Bakri quality teas are procured and selected by skilled team of expert tea tasters from the selective tea gardens of Upper Assam Valley, which are producing exotics teas, nurtured by rich soil and the intermittent rainfall, sunshine and moisture laden mists. Well aware of the prestige of Assam tea, tea pluckers pick only the finest two leaves and the bud to enhance the unique flavour.
The watchful eyes of our Quality Assurance team ensure that merits of tea remain consistent in terms of colour, taste, strength, flavour and the distinctive aroma, equally emphasizing on the uniqueness of the blend.


Our “Wagh Bakri” Tea Lounge, Mumbai and New Delhi in INDIA offers 32 exotic varieties of tea from around the world, giving consumers an opportunity to get acquainted with strong Assam tea, a healthy Organic tea, a relaxing Green tea, an uplifting Darjeeling tea, a refreshing flavoured tea.
This new concept is about reintroducing tea as a trendy social beverage to take it out to an urban contemporary space, out of home and road side tea stalls.

Wagh Bakri Wagh Bakri