Setting the tradition of Quality,Service and Reliability !!

We source quality food product and brands from India as well as Pakistan, Dubai and Malaysia to suit the taste buds of diverse palate of our end customers. We bring to our ethnic customers their traditional foods from well known food brands from their home regions. So, they can buy locally everything they need to cook an authentic Punjabi, Gujrati, South Indian or other regional meals in their home here in Australia itself.

Also, we bring well known brands of ready to eat food, snacks and sweets for the large ethnic population of students and working couples who look for alternative and quick ways of their traditional cooking in this new land. These brands have also become well known with the non ethnic Australian market here due to ever increasing popularity of Indian/South East Asian cuisine with the locals here and availability of these brands in the Indian/Asian food section of Australian food supermarkets as well.

The success story of the company lies in the fact that more and more Indian/South east Asian companies have approached us to get direct distributorship for their brands in Southern and Western Australian territories. The result is more penetration of their brands in our region and a centre contact point for them to increase and measure the overall market share of the particular brand for these territories.